Alexander Technique Studio testimonials


“For years I struggled with chronic pain and periods of debilitation, particularly in my arms. I was unable to continue working as a journalist, or to pursue my career in music (I didn't play for the better part of 5 years due to pain). I tried every modality -- physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, biofeedback, and just plain rest, all with varying degrees of success.

Then I tried Alexander Technique. From the very first session I've experienced alleviation of symptoms. I am now at the point where I can bring myself into this state of being on my own. I hardly ever have flare-ups anymore, even with significant use of my arms -- and I use my arms all the time!”
- Michelle Pollace, journalist/jazz pianist


“Thanks again for introducing me to the Alexander world - I really feel like I understand my body for the first time in my life!”
- Bill Barchuk, scientist


“I think the most remarkable difference in how I feel has been working with Dana Ben-Yehuda, who practices the Alexander Technique. I have to say that this has been life-changing and the key to keeping me pain-free.

Dana has taught me a new level of awareness about how I move to do really anything, and to recognize patterns of movement that can cause or aggravate pain or tension to recur. I've been learning how to change certain habits and my posture, often making very subtle adjustments, which is keeping me in a good place. I whole-heartedly recommend Dana. “
- Carla Worfolk, film producer/CNN producer


“I have only studied the Alexander Technique for a short time, but I have been truly amazed at the difference it has made in my musical life and in my health. I am a student of the harp and I have noticed a definite relaxation of the shoulder and hand muscles that has resulted in a much freer and more resonant tone on my instrument. Even my teacher has commented on this. I find I have greater speed and dexterity when I can keep those muscles relaxed. It has also helped my breathing and endurance while playing. In terms of general health, I find that the pretty much chronic low back pain I had has eased, and in recent weeks has been absent completely.”
- Carolyn Bellinger Kawahara, microbiologist/harpist


I'd been having a lot of trouble with chronic back and shoulder pain while playing the double bass. I went to two chiropractors and physical therapy with no relief. Finally I tried Alexander Technique and it gave me immense relief. I don't know how I would have made it through 3 hours/day plus practicing for juries last week and a concert today without the Alexander lessons. I used to have pain after practicing my upright bass for 1/2 hour. I can practice so much now that my mind is fatigued before my body! I don't feel pain anymore when I play. Thank you so much.
-Melissa Holland Kagiyama, musician/bassist


“ Using the Alexander Technique, Dana teaches students to find a place of quiet in the body, and in connection with it, the mind. In the Alexander Technique I have found tools for releasing body tensions, sloughing off the residue of habit and physical injury, to find the underlying natural posture and movement. A benefit to my dancing and to my dance students.”
- Shawne Neeper, Ballroom Dancer, Science Writer, Silicon Valley


“When I began Alexander Technique with Dana, I was facing surgery to correct my spinal problems. Within 3 weeks, my chronic pain improved about 35%. I am now in my second month of working with Dana and my pain has improved by 50-60%. I only wish I would have known about Alexander Technique and Dana years ago and saved myself untold suffering!”
- Ephi Lu, Nutritionist


“The Alexander Technique lessons have helped alleviate the pain in my arches and knees when I run. It's also helping open up my lower back which is allowing for faster and longer strides which is improving my running greatly. My coaches notice the improvement.”
- Johann Joseph


“My last visit to you relieved a long standing pain in my left hip. I actually felt lighter, freer, and more stable. Due to my dystonia, I arrive at our visits in a "corkscrew" condition. After our work, I feel relief in that you "unwind" me. That is how I would describe it; unwinding. No drug has helped me for that.”
- Catherine Beam, artist


"I came to theAlexander Technique looking for a non-surgical alternative for carpal tunnel syndrome. The Alexander Technique brought relief from my symptoms and has been a key element in my recovery; I am no longer in need of surgery. One of the unexpected benefits of lessons in the Alexander Technique has been a general increased sense of well-being, with some people commenting that I look younger.”
- Dena Dickinson, Director Ambulatory Public Health Programs, Santa Clara County


“My body, muscles and bones, have loosened up, like releasing the grip of a tight fist... Dana has a very calm serenity about her. She has taught me how to slow down, inhibit myself, to gain control over my life and body, especially when I get too busy and fragmented with multi-tasking.”
- Patricia Bolander, graphic designer


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